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      It’s simple click!!! I was a hooked; 13 years old with my first point and shoot Kodak 110 camera. A simple gift from my Mom to cherish long term memories of love ones, and easy fascination I’ve always felt in capturing candid moments of the everyday life from people to landscape.

       Self-taught and studied in college the art of exposure, and light techniques from film to digital photography. Stephanie stumbled upon a love for street portraits in the last couple of years with a Dallas Meet Up group, developing her skills and creativity involving the natural landscape with random people or models in the scene, which inspired a business model in natural light and indoor portraiture photoshoots.

       My style of subjects varies from silliness to serious contemporary look, appeal that goes beyond fashion to the imagination.

       I’ve been blessed with multiple awards from 211 Art Gallery Art Exhibits to the Martin Place art show including peers’ recognition by artists, and positive feedback from fellow photographers.

       A Dallas resident, her works have been shown in Pancakes & Booze-Dallas, Richland College Student Art Show, and Spectrum Art Gallery, Fresno, California.

       I’ve been fortunate to meet Annie Leibovitz at SMU in Dallas, TX for her lifetime portrait works. Among other photo projects from charity event to friends’ local music venue events.

       The finished artistic photos is available from paper prints to metal artwork

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