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Artists In-House as of 2/1/2022

Abney, Amelia

Ackerson, David

Anderson, Stephanie*

Babler, Rosalie

Barentine, Thalia*

Barker, Kendra

Barrett, Christi*

Bass, Celia

Batson, Mary Rylant

Benningfield, Sharon*

Bullock, Charlie

Bullock Don

Bunn, Katie*

Burke, Ine

Cameron, Judy

Damuth, Shery

Fitzwater, Norma*

Flores, Chad

Freeman, Ruth

Guillen, Orlando*

Haley, Carolyn*

Haley, Richard*

Harlan, Bobby

Higgins, Natalie

Joplin, Jane

Kimes, Randy

Marie, Sylvia

McAdams, Pam

Morton, Carol

Poole, Doreen

Reams, Joel

Reeder, Virginia

Riquelme, Gabriel

Robinson, Christine

Robinson, Saundra

Rogers, Barbara

Rowland, Karla

Sheltman, Wilma

Smith, Pam

Spurgin, Joe

Stanford, Toni

Surls, Stephen

Terry, Celene*

Trent, Sue Lynn

Willis, Steve*

Wilson, Selwyn